Software Patents – Patents for the Digital Transformation

Key tool in industry: Computer-implementd inventions

The patenting of software, or computer-implemented inventions, is a rapidly developing field, but at the same time it is becoming more and more important. The latter is not least shown by a siginficant increase of patent applications in 2019 at the European Patent Office.

In contrast to “classical” inventions, where the question of the technical nature of the invention is hardly relevant, software patents musthave a main focus here. Drafting a patent application in the “conventional” style would probably result in the rejection of the patent application. Especially for software inventions and computer patents, or apps, you should consult a specialist in the field who knows the pitfalls and tricks of the trade.

Our competence in software patents covers new technologies like

  • algorithms in data, image and sound processing
  • artificial intelligence (especially neural networks and convolutional neural networks)
  • block chain technology in industrial and private environments
  • IoT and industry 4.0
  • cloud systems
  • app-based and smartphone based processes
  • human-machine interactions, human-computer interfaces
  • data display, graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • machine learning
  • pattern recognition
  • communication and network protocols

as well as computer-implemented inventions in the fields of

  • medical technology
  • mechatronics
  • mechanical engineering
  • automation technology
  • control engineering
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